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High Power Waveguide Isolator, Custom design

High Power Waveguide Isolator is a crucial component in RF and microwave systems, specifically designed to handle high power levels while providing efficient signal isolation and protection within a waveguide transmission line.

    Characteristics and Applications

    High Power Waveguide Isolator is a critical component designed to effectively isolate high-power RF signals and protect RF devices from unwanted reflections and interferences in waveguide-based RF systems. This isolator is engineered to handle high power levels while maintaining signal integrity and minimizing signal loss, making it well-suited for demanding RF applications where power handling capability is critical.

    Its robust construction and use of high-quality materials ensure reliable performance and durability in high-power RF environments. The isolator’s efficient design allows for seamless integration into various waveguide-based RF systems, providing reliable isolation and enhancing overall system performance, particularly in applications requiring high power handling.

    Furthermore, the High Power Waveguide Isolator is designed to meet stringent industry standards, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and delivering consistent, reliable performance in critical high-power RF applications. Its versatile design and exceptional power handling characteristics make it an invaluable asset in modern RF systems, offering enhanced signal quality and system reliability in high-power waveguide applications.

    Electrical Performance Table and Product Appearance

    WR-22(19.4~21.4GHz)  High Power Waveguide Isolator

    Product Overview

    The following products are High Power Waveguide Isolators, as shown in the diagram. They feature a relatively large base beneath the load port, designed for effective heat dissipation in high reflected power applications. These products can be customized according to your requirements.
    High Power Waveguide Isolator1u00
    Electrical Performance Table




    BW Max

    Insertion loss(dB) Max





    Operating temperature(℃ )











    Product Appearance
    High Power Waveguide Isolator2cox

    Performance Indicator Curve Graphs for Some Models

    Introducing the High Power Waveguide Isolator, a critical component for RF and microwave systems. Engineered to withstand high power levels, this isolator is specifically designed to provide efficient signal isolation and protection within a waveguide transmission line. With its robust construction and advanced technology, it ensures reliable performance and safeguards your equipment from signal interference. Trust the High Power Waveguide Isolator to deliver exceptional power handling capabilities and superior signal isolation for your demanding RF and microwave applications.

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