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Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator

Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator is a crucial component in RF and microwave systems, designed to facilitate efficient signal routing and isolation within a dual-ridge waveguide transmission line.

    Characteristics and Applications

    It is commonly utilized in radar systems, communication systems, and other applications that require the unique characteristics of dual-ridge waveguide technology. The circulator’s robust construction and reliable performance ensure effective signal transmission while safeguarding sensitive components from potential damage. Leveraging the specific advantages of dual-ridge waveguide technology, such as low loss, high power handling capability, and the ability to support multiple modes of propagation, the Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator delivers exceptional performance and reliability in demanding RF and microwave applications utilizing dual-ridge waveguide technology.

    Electrical Performance Table and Product Appearance

    WRD650D28  Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator

    Product Overview

    The following products are designed using the dual-ridge waveguide WRD650D28 interface for broadband waveguide devices. Customization of dual-ridge waveguide circulators and isolators with other dual-ridge waveguide interfaces is also available. For detailed information about dual-ridge waveguide interfaces, please refer to the "Common Dual-Ridge Waveguide Data Table" in the appendix.
    Electrical Performance Table




    BW Max

    Insertion loss(dB) Max





    Operating temperature(℃ )











    Product Appearance

    Performance Indicator Curve Graphs for Some Models

    The curve graphs serve the purpose of visually presenting the performance indicators of the product. They offer a comprehensive illustration of various parameters such as frequency response, insertion loss, isolation, and power handling. These graphs are instrumental in enabling customers to assess and compare the product's technical specifications, aiding in informed decision-making for their specific requirements.
    Introducing the Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator, a vital component for RF and microwave systems. Engineered to optimize signal routing and isolation within a dual-ridge waveguide transmission line, this circulator ensures efficient and reliable performance. With its advanced design and precision engineering, it provides seamless integration into complex communication and radar systems. The Dual-Ridge Waveguide Circulator is the solution for achieving superior signal management and maximizing system efficiency.

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